A new type of math game.

Welcome to Blocks! Blocks is a game made to encourage creative problem solving skills. Read more about what problem solving skills are here.

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This was a very well organized game without any flaws! I enjoyed how it made me think critically.

Second Grade Student

A fun math game to relax your mind! It made me think about math in a new way!

Fifth Grade Student

It seems that everyone concerned with mathematics today talks about problem solving. Professional organisations recommend that problem solving becomes the focus of school mathematics, and curriculum guides list problem solving skills as key objectives at all levels.

Many believe that the ability to solve problems develops automatically from mastery of computational skills. This is not necessarily true. Problem solving is itself a skill.

Any mathematical task can be classified as either an exercise or a problem. An exercise can be solved by the direct application of one or more computational procedures. A problem is more complex because the strategy for solving may not be immediately apparent; solving a problem requires some degree of creativity or originality on the part of the problem solver.

Creative Problem Sovling in School Mathematics, George Lenchner